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Copyright Service Details and Prices

Protect your originality and keep your IP ducks in order! Let our Copyright experience work for you. The attorneys at Natoli-Legal, LLC handle a variety of copyright matters and registrations for entrepreneurs and artists alike. And now through our Lantern Legal Services, we offer a Fast and Affordable Flat-Rate online filing package

Our firm has a registered account with the U.S. Copyright Office allowing us to file online, which not only saves time, but also saves our clients $10.00 off of the $45.00 filing fee (for a hard-copy filing).

Our Comprehensive Copyright Service includes:

  • Phone or Email Consultation
  • A Legal Consult and Analysis of your Specific Situation and Material*
  • Professional Preparation and Registration of your Copyright Material with the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Incredibly Fast Turnaround Time for our Services**
  • It may also be possible to file multiple works in ONE filing as a “Collection” saving you time and money!

Our Highly Competitive Flat Fees for this Service Start as Low as: $395.00***

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