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Website Terms & Privacy Policies

Whether you’re a “brick & mortar” establishment or an internet based start-up, in today’s ever-growing virtual marketplace having an online presence is absolutely necessary for any new or expanding business. Natoli-Legal, LLC recognizes the importance of having your online contracts and agreements drafted to suit your specific business needs so to better protect your interests and assets. These online documents are real contracts and create binding terms, as such they must be drafted and implemented carefully to maximize their enforceability.

Our legal professionals will exercise the necessary due diligence to understand your online business needs and create customized terms of use/service and privacy policies that cover all your legal requirements. Natoli-Legal, LLC likewise draws heavily on our Intellectual Property expertise to ensure your online business stays in compliance with the appropriate copyright & trademark regulations. We have online drafting experience that spans across a multitude of industries and business models, including:

  • Medical Services and HIPAA Compliant Websites; COPPA Requirements; Gramm-Leach-Billey Act Issues
  • Online Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Membership Driven & Social / Business Web 2.0 Networking Websites
  • Member Owned Sports & Social Clubs
  • User-Generated Content Websites
  • Various Online Entertainment Business Models

  • End User License Agreements & Software Sharing Websites

And more . . .

We offer Affordable Flat-Rate packages for our customized Terms of Use/Service Agreements, which typically include a stand-alone Privacy Policy. ALL OF OUR CUSTOM DRAFTED DOCUMENTS INCLUDE:

  • Cost-Effective - Flat Rates*
  • Phone or E-Mail Consultation
  • Careful Attention to Your Specific Needs**
  • Substantive Edits Based on Your Comments and Concerns
  • Legal Advice and Guidance on Implementing Your Online Agreement or Contract
  • Our Incredibly Fast Turnaround Time***