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Entity Formation Client Intake Sheet

Please fill in the form below.

1) Primary Contact

Your contact attorney will follow up with you for a consult prior to the start of any work to discuss your options.

2) Proposed Name of Company

a) Trademark search for name completed?
b) Secretary of State’s office search for name completed:

3) Brief Description of the nature of the business
(Please do not state “all lawful purpose” in this field. This section is intended to understand the "actual"(nature of your intended business activities.)

4) Address of principal office

5) State of Organization

6) Number of Company Members

7) Corporate Purpose

(medical, law, engineering, architecture, and etc. – broadly defined as where a license is required to provide services, apart from ordinary business license)

8) Federal Employment Identification Number (EIN)

Would you like our firm to obtain your Federal Employment Identification Number on your behalf? (Please note that there is an additional $75.00 USD legal service charge for this service. If selected, we will follow up to gather the necessary information at the appropriate time when we begin working on your project.)

8) Upload any additional relevant information: