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Other Patent Services

Natoli-Legal, LLC offers a full range of Patent related services available through our Lantern Legal Service online at affordable Flat Rates. Below is just an example of some of these services with some associated fees. Please contact us for a quote or if you have any questions about any of our services:

Patent Searches (Prior Art) and Patentability Opinions:

Our attorneys understand how important proper due diligence is to the patent process. We also understand the additional financial strain it can place on an entrepreneur’s budget. This is why we offer a Flat-Rate utility prior art search and patentability opinion service for one affordable price:

We Offer Highly Competitive Flat-Rates for Utility Prior Art Searches*

Other Patent Related Services Include:

Important Notes:

*As with all areas of legal practice, we cannot make any guarantees with the search of prior art . Prices will depend on the nature of your invention and will be based largely on the time and effort involved.